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The Power of Words
Based on a True Story
At The Height Of A Family Crisis, The Language Of Love Is Heard.
Main Characters:
Christopher (9), despite having a rough past, he holds on to his innocents.
June (35) is the mother of Christopher and David. She tries her best to be a good mother but when the weekends comes around, that's when she depends on alcohol.
David (14), even though he loses hope, he is the one who grows the most throughout the film. 
The Power of Words (Trailer)
The Power of Words (Storyboard)
Two polar opposite brothers accidentally catches their back porch on fire right before when their mother comes home while drunk.  (Advisory: Explicit Language)
Warning! This synopsis may contain spoilers

Christopher is playing basketball while his older brother, David, and their two cousins are lighting fireworks. Suddenly, the basketball bounces off the rim and knocks over the bottle and the firework lights the back porch on fire. Moments later their mother, June, comes home stumbling drunk.


June tells David to go inside while Christopher heads to his tree fort. After a while, Christopher heads inside and finds David packing and he later leaves Christopher home alone. Later on, June comes home and heads straight to the bathroom to puke. Christopher checks on his mother and finds her passed out. He rolls her to her side and he falls asleep back-to-back. Once June wakes up she notices Christopher sleeping, carries him to his bedroom and then notices that David is not home.


David comes home after while and says his mother doesn't deserve to live. June over hears and acts on it. She grabs a gun from her closet. Christopher and David catch her with a gun in her hand. Christopher yells at his mom to stop. June asks her sons, "Why should I stop?" Christopher cries, "dang díi kuyáadang!" (I love you). June hears him and drops her gun.

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