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Daniel Walker and Joe Yates
Storyboard Artist:
Daniel Walker
Laura Lotze and Joe Yates
This is a 3-part story of a scar told by 25-year-old male named Mark. Next to this scar is a bracelet engraved with the name of his mother who committed suicide while he was only 8. As a teenager mark is beaten to the point to where he attempts suicide.
Mark (8)
Semi-bright and playful clothing with a bowl style haircut. Over-joyous to give his mom a mother's day present.
Mark (17)
Darker clothing, almost neutral style not more than what he can wear at his dad’s work which he mops every morning before going to school.
Walter (30-40)
Mark's father (30s) has an uncontrollable temper when it comes to family. Heavy drinker and sorrows of his dead wife. They owned a “mom and pop fish store” together, of which he keeps the sign the way it was before she passed.
Age difference can be shown through clothing and makeup. 30s: dressed professionally. 40s: more of a slob in overalls. Often carries a beer in back pocket.
This is a story of a mid-twenty-year-old who has lost his mother in a suicide car accident when he was 8 years old. We start the story with a bloodstained gash on Marks (17) wrist next to his mother’s bracelet.  At age 8 he finds the bracelet on his mother’s dresser and on his ways to families “mom and pop’s fish store” he puts it on, it fits loosely.  
At age 17 after mopping the floors every morning before school for almost ten years he decides to poisons the fish tanks with the dirty mop bucket water. During lunch in the cafeteria Mark goes into a blind rage and beats a kid uncontrollably with a lunch tray.
Mark (17) then comes home to see his drunken father, Walter, furious about the family business being destroyed a top of Marks expulsion from high school. Intense fighting ensues, then Mark grabs one of his dad's empty beer bottles and makes a shiv that he pushes to his wrist. His dad says he won't do it and walks into another room and slams the door.
Then Walter enters the room, holding back tear. He says the words that Mark has never heard before, “I’m sorry.”
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